Direct Donation

(Non Tax-Deductible)

I have set up a paypal account for those who would like to donate directly to me.  There is no option for tax-deductible contributions with this method but it is the quickest and easiest way to get financial support to me.
Click below:

Monthly Support


I am working with an organization called Interlink Ministries to help people support me on a regular basis.  Interlink also supports tax-deductible donations whether it is for regular monthly support or one time gifts.  To get started, download the appropriate document and follow the instructions with each.

  • Donate by Credit/Debit Card  Download: (pdf or doc)
  • Donate by Bank Direct Deposit Download: (pdf or doc)
  • Donate by Mail with Personal Checks Download: (pdf or doc)

For more info about Interlink Ministries or to know more about how this works please read here: Donating Via Interlink