Milk – The Benefits and the Deceptions Part 1

As I write this first sentence my mind is racing with thoughts of how vast and complex this topic is.  By default I added “Part 1″ to the title knowing that to look at this topic as accurately as an average guy writing a blog can, there will be at least two parts, if not five or six.  My ultimate goal

though, is to keep the information accessible and easy to understand.  Let me give you just a bit of background though. (which may be all that this part 1 consists of)

I am now 34 years old.  A few years ago I noticed that I was starting to get a bit more over weight than I liked.  Not much mind you but more than what I liked.  I started to excersize a bit more and began to assess what I was taking in as part of my diet. During that time I quite randomly stumbled onto a documentary called “A Beautiful Truth”.  It highlighted a number of extremely shocking things dealing with nutrition, modern food modification and the industries that promote them and beinifit from them.  I had never heard any of this stuff before.  I was fully intrigued and dove head first into trying to find more information on the topic.  I was quite surprised to find nearly nothing at that time.

Dairy was one of the topics that the documentary touched on which struck a particular cord for me because I had grown up drinking milk and lots of it.  My grandparents had been dairy farmers since they were born and when my parents, two sisters and I moved from Canada to Minnesota when I was about 6, we started drinking unprocessed milk from the farm almost exclusively.  So when I watched this documentary nearly 15 years after high school I had a rather startling revelation.

I thought about my classmates and the different sports I was in with them.  I discovered that all of my friends who lived out on dairy farms around town were also the best at sports and did better in school and had the most active lifestyles.  But most of my friends who lived in town were not as athletic and generally did not do as well at school.  Obviously there was a lot of overlap but in general I could see the difference in performance of those who would have been drinking raw milk from their farms as opposed to those drinking processed milk.  I am sure there were other dietary factors and behavioral factors that played a role but my revelation was not a scientific study, it was just my thoughts about my past.

This revelation inspired me to start digging a bit deeper, and in fact my over all hobby of studying nutrition really began with Dairy and the dangers of MSG and aspartame, but thats a whole different blog for another day.

By this time I had some serious reservations about simply believing everything I heard about nutrition: The Food Pyramid, dietary supplements, soy, fat and even dental work.  I found that what most Americans believed about their nutrition was a carefully crafted message delivered to them by someone, somewhere and I was choosing to step outside of that influence and look at things from a different perspec


tive than what they wanted me to. I would encourage you to do the same.  You could start by turning off your TV for a year or so.  I know it all sounds very “conspiracy-like” but I assure you, doing a bit of research for your self will only benefit you.  In fact, seeking the truth is one of the things I have found to be specifically discouraged by those doing the influencing.

Anyway, that’s a bit of background.  I really want to put all that aside and look at this topic of dairy very objectively and from as much of an unbiased perspective as I can.  My goal is to help you.  I hope that I do.

In my next post I will somehow start to tackle this vast topic in the mean time go have a watch of “A Beautiful Truth” on Youtube.  Its an “interesting” movie.  Meaning, I am not a big fan of the film maker’s style of movie making, nor do I ascribe to every detail portrayed, but it is still an eye opener. (specifically, the film maker’s tone of voice was a bit weird for me at first but I got used to it)